Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Third times a charm...

I did make it three days in a row for exercise and was able to apply science to my quest as I had my heart rate monitor attached to make sure I was operating at the optimum fat burning range. Thirty minutes of sheer bliss as I peddled to the sounds of Al Petteway and Amy White’s Acoustic Journey. I just hope this doesn’t turn out like Clockwork Orange!

Anyway, as I struggle to get into the habit of daily exercise/cardio, I look at my dad. He’s 83 and does his weights and stretching every morning before going to the gym to ride the bike. He’s always been active and kept himself in good shape so when he decided to have hip replacement surgery last December; I thought he would have a smooth and speedy recovery. It’s been everything but smooth and speedy. The actual hip replacement went well but he was plagued with circulation problems, then internal bleeding, then infections...he’s now at the stage I expected him to be last March. The reality is that if he hadn’t been in such good shape, he wouldn’t have made it though. No one lives forever on this earth but if you take care of yourself you may say a little longer and enjoy yourself a little more.

I did weigh today but after I road for 30 minutes. The scales said I weighed 277 - a little down but in the same ball park. In anticipation of meeting my first milestone, I bought a pair of jeans at Wally World; 38 Regulars. Got to think positive.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day One...sort of...

A New Year approaches and I've decided to blog. Not because there's not enough stuff on the internet – but just because…

My wonderful wife has a nice blog for some of her photography work (usually from our vacation trips). I may take a few pictures but I’m not a photographer…so that won’t be my blog. Gina’s work is really good.

I have more interest in music – I play guitar and bass and tinker a little on mandolin. A few years back I played in a Contemporary Christian band with some friends. We played together for a couple of years as the band for a couple contemporary services in the area and of course did the obligatory CD…copies are still available at CDBaby. Nowadays I play bass at church and have been working on flat-picking but I generally just play around.

And while I will blog more on music later, right now I’m more focused in a different direction. This holiday season I hit the big 40 – not age, waist size. Back when I turned 40, I was running in 5k runs, swimming, doing aerobics and weights…that was almost 12 years ago but I fell off the exercise wagon about 8 years ago. And as expected, I’ve gained about 10 pounds a year and find myself now at 280 pounds. 280 is a good number for an interstate loop – not for my weight. As I struggled to get a new pair of 38s to snap I realized that I had reached the idea “before” figure. I tossed ‘em back and bought one pair of 40s to last me until I’m back into the 38s.

If I were Muhammad Ali, I might say something like, “Come 2010, I’ll be thin!” But I don’t think thin is my real goal. I just want to feel better and be able to do more. I was very comfortable at 210 – 220 so I’m targeting that range.

Like the title says, this is day one…sort of…I began yesterday (Monday 12/28) and have now completed two days of exercise. Nothing overly strenuous – just about 20 minutes of cardio on a bike trainer and then some hand weights. But it’s my start. I dug out my old heart rate monitor from my Spinning Classes, changed the battery and will now start targeting my work out to maximize fat burning…

Once I get a routine going, I’ll work on a better diet…right now I’m just trying to work on portion control and stay away from sugar…

So I'm 280 starting out with a goal of 210...stay tuned.